Hi! I’m Oscar
Co-founder and current Product Manager at gumband, an interactive experience SaaS platform.

I’m a university-trained computer engineer (H2P!) turned creative technologist in Pittsburgh.

A few of my recent highlights include:

I have a track record for creating a vision that balances strategical, market, and operational viewpoints to align the team and deliver product value. While I like to spend my time at 10k feet, I am also very comfortable in a code editor or on the command line. My deep engineering expertise is in web technologies, and I’ve been devouring Web3 concepts like blockchain-basd transactions and distributed databases in my spare time.

For the last eight years I’ve been working with an insanely talented group of people at Deeplocal turning creative ideas into physical realities for our clients such as Nike, Google, Tiktok, Meta, and Stripe. During my time there I’ve personally built, contributed to, or managed over 50 creative technology projects. Previously, I spent time at BMW Manufacturing company working in their IT Research Center in Greenville, SC for process improvement through software systems.

To get away from my laptop, I like to golf, exercise, and play hockey. Check out my portfolio and feel free to drop me a note. Have a great day!👌🏻🙏🏻

– OP