The Nest Vending Machine

Deeplocal + Nest, Summer 2016

Nest tasked Deeplocal with creating a cool experience for 500 lucky Chicago residents. Sales and rebates from local energy suppliers were reducing the price of Nest learning thermostats by $240 to a $9 price tag for a short period of time. To get the word out, Nest planned to install two unsuspecting vending machines in Chicago and give away the thermostats for free. They dropped hints on social media during the weeks leading up to the event. In the mean time, the Nest vending machine was being pieced together on the fourth floor of the Deeplocal offices, a revitalized factory building in the city’s Strip District. The machine went live on June 27th, and once the first unit was discovered, a line quickly spawned over 3 city blocks. I contributed to the Android application development for the project. We created an immersive, full screen application the guided users through a clean UX.

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